The 2013 yard sale season is here


Get tips from Yard Sale Secrets all season long. Visit us Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for news.

Get tips from Yard Sale Secrets all season long. Visit us Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for news.

Welcome to the 2013 season of Yard Sale Secrets. Today we are officially kicking off our summer coverage for the yard sale scene here in York County, Pa. We get a lot of readers from York, of course, but we also pull in traffic from around the country thanks to our wide variety of tips.

Our posting schedule will be:

  • MONDAYS: GREAT BUYS – A look at some of the items we picked up over the weekend. You can join in by e-mailing your own photos and descriptions by Sunday evening to If you do please put “Yard Sale Secrets” in the subject line.
  • WEDNESDAYS: TIPS FOR BUYERS AND SELLERS – We post new tips each week, so keep an eye out for them to make your yard sale experience even more rewarding.
  • THURSDAYS: BEST BETS – A weekly look at the best bets as advertised in The York Dispatch’s classified section. You can see them in the paper itself, or at the online yard sale listings.


Since it’s still early in the season, the classified listings aren’t as robust as they often are. Still, there’s a few notable events happening this weekend.

  • Over at 4775 Bull Road, you can find some name-brand clothing items, primitive items and a cherry desk and chair. The Dover sale is Friday and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • The sale at 795 Windsor Road in Red Lion looks good for the craft-loving folks in your house. We are intrigued by their offer of dried gourds, which are suitable for painig. They also have a windmill, costume jewelry and Longaberger items.
  • Seven Valleys’ New Hope Bible Church is holding a “Pennies for Heaven” sale, which promises reasonably priced goods. The Saturday-only sale runs from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Among the community-wide yard sales that captured our eye was the Saturday sale from 7 a.m. until “whenever” at the Woodmont Estates, Crossings and Hearthridge developments. Sounds like a big one! Get there off Route 30 and the Susquehanna Trail North and then go to Woodmont Drive.
  • Another sale that shows promise is in the Penn State Estates community. The Friday-Saturday sale on South Maurice Street has furniture and country items.


Weekend weather, according to abc27, looks a little dicey for yard sales. Scattered showers are predicted for Friday and Saturday with a high of 80 on Friday, followed by a 70-degree day on Saturday.


Yard Sale Secrets, in conjunction with The York Dispatch and the York Newspaper Co., now has a yard sale app for iPhone and Android phones. The app helps you locate all the yard sales advertised on MediaOnePa, which includes sites in York, Hanover, Chambersburg and Lebanon. Zip to the bottom of this page for a link to the app.


Yep, the Yard Sale Secrets has adopted Twitter. We might only use it sporadically, but we welcome you to join us. We especially hope to use it on Saturdays (and some Fridays) when we are out on the road. Join Yard Sale Secrets on Twitter now!


Got a question for us here at Yard Sale Secrets? Or, even better, a great tip on selling or buying? Then leave a comment for us and we’ll respond in an upcoming post. We love to hear from other yard sale fanatics!


If you’re hosting a yard sale this weekend, take some pictures of your event set up. We would love to see it. If you’re heading out to some sales, lets see some pictures of your loot! E-mail them to for inclusion in an upcoming Yard Sale Secrets post.

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Is yard sale season over? For us it is

Well, it’s that time of the year again. The Yard Sale Secrets staff has decided to pack it in for the season.

Sure, there are still some sales happening every week, but they are fewer and farther between. Even worse, the mornings are colder!

We’ll be back next spring with your weekly “Best Bets” listings for yard sales happening around York County.

With that in mind, we are ending our weekly schedule of posts (“What we bought” posts Mondays, Tips on Wednesdays and Best Bets on Thursdays) until the Spring.

We may still pop in from time to time with some tips, video suggestions or even a post on a surprise buying spree, but not on regular basis.

While you wait for the next Yard Sale Secrets post, we advise you sate your bargain-hunting hunger by checking out:

A regular sampling of all those will tide you off until the spring — or at least it should!


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A quick look at Rinely’s amazing event

Another yard sale weekend in the books, and this one was pretty much dominated by the Rinely community yard sale.

This vintage accordion was selling for more than $100 at the Rinely yard sale. It was on just one of the hundreds of tables of merchandise at the big event in southern York County.

We hit the streets early on Saturday, and we were a surprised by two things.

  1. First, it was horribly humid. If you were outside for more than a few minutes, even early in the day, you were covered in sweat. The amazing thing was that during our “yard sale time” the temperatures never went above 82 degrees. But the humidity just made it horrible.
  2. One faction of the Yard Sale Secrets team had never visited the community yard sale in the Rinely area of Stewartstown. The place was absolutely swamped. We were absolutely shocked at how busy it was and by the sheer number of sellers. The organizers really amazed us — they had strict rules for parking, food vendors and pulled together an amazing event. If you’ve never been to the Rinely sale, then you have honestly missed one of York’s greatest yard sale events.

The hardest part of the day was actually finding Rinely itself, by the way.

Rinley’s community yard sale had cars lined along the road on both sides for about a mile. Side streets were also loaded with with shopper’s cars. The event had plenty of people selling too.


Despite venturing down to Rinely and being amazed by it, we didn’t actually buy all that much. Here’s what we picked up.

This is a close up of a lace table cloth we bought. You can often find lace products at yard sales. This piece, which was probably 3 feet in diameter, was only 50 cents. It is also far whiter than it appears in this picture!

Spring is gone, but we couldn’t resist this cute, buttoned flag.

At the left, is an unopened packet of construction paper that cost about 60 percent less than what you’d pay in a store. At right, an unopened table cloth.

A kid-sized shirt was ours for 50 cents. A new hair ribbon was just a few dollars (… and have we mentioned how often we find cute things like this at yard sales. You can credit York County’s vibrant crafting community!) Lastly, some new Mary Kay makeup was ours for a 26 percent discount.


Send us your photos and post your stories about last weekend’s yard sale events and we will feature them for Wednesday’s posts. Send us an email here or just post a comment below.

You don’t see this too often when you hit yard sales: A yard sale at the edge of cemetery. Another example of how big the Rinely sale is — they were putting vendors where ever they could fit them.

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(Not) Closed for the winter

Blame the cold. Blame school. Blame the NFL. Blame the new TV season. Blame whatever you want, but the time is upon us to pull back on the yard sale postings.

Without a doubt, yard sales will continue in our absence — just look at those classified ads in the newspaper on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays — but they are certainly fewer and further between.

Eventually, in the coming weeks, the listings will dry up even more, but the deals are still out there.

You just have to look a little harder for them: There are auctions and craft shows. There are “Items for Sale” classified lists. There are the antique shops, used book stores, thrift stores, pawn shops and other specialty stores.

The deals are there.

The hunt is just a little harder.

And we leave you to it until next Spring …



unless we have to brag about a great deal, answer a question from a reader or pass along a solid tip.

… So maybe you should check back every once in a while.

Just in case.

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Get flower power from yard sales

While you’re at yard sales this weekend — hunting for gadgets, collectibles and salt & pepper shakers that match your wallpaper — keep an eye out for something for your yard too — namely plants.

Since the  yard-sale season coincides quite nicely with spring and early summer planting, it’s pretty common for yard sale hosts to offer up some of their extras.

Some people grow plants and flowers for fun. Others grow veggies to eat. More than a few do-it-yourselfers spend their spring moving plants and bushes from one flowerbed to the next, and then unearthing something else because “it just doesn’t look right anymore.”

All that hard work can benefit the watchful yard-saler, who can snap up decent plants at a fraction of the cost of a traditional nursery. The prices are always good, and  sometimes you can get decent plants for free because kind-hearted gardeners want to give their rejects a good home.

So what kind of plants can you find?  Here’s the rundown:

  • DUG-UPS -- Plants (usually bulbs or bush stubs with roots) that have been dug up during a landscaping project. These will require a little bit of work and time to bring back to their full glory.
  • SEEDLINGS – Some growers buy and plant more seeds than they can accommodate, so rather than pitch their extras they sell them or give them away at yard sales. You just have to replant them and keep them watered.
  • LEFTOVERS -- Just like the “seedlings,” sometimes people buy more flowers than they need — maybe the nursery’s deal on flats was too hard to resist. The end result is too many flowers and not enough flowerbeds. You reap the benefit.
  • HOBBYIST -- Sometimes you run across deals on pre-potted flowers and plants, often the result of a hobbyist who just loves to build hanging baskets or design a living arrangement with unique pots. Others just like to try their hand at growing a challenging plant. These are always gorgeous, and often much cheaper than similar products at the nursery.  You also might find some uncommon plants too.  We remember one yard sale a few years ago that offered a table of Venus flytraps.
  • FRESH-PICKED — Later on in the yard sale season, you’ll start to the results of your local green thumbs, when cucumbers, tomatoes, pumpkins and other veggies come available.  You can always get them at a steal.

Our only advice for your plant-buying expedition: Compliment the greenthumb on how wonderful their plants look. They might throw in something extra.


We’ve got a crack staff of yard sale experts here, why not ask us a question in the comments? We’ll try to answer in a future post.


Click here for this weekend’s classified ads.

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