Best Bets May 16-17

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Yikes! The weekend weather looks more than a little horrifying for yard sale fanatics. Heavy rain and a thunderstorm on Friday. The good news is things are looking up on Saturday. In Thursday’s newspaper, there was nearly half of page devoted to yard sales. We can only hope they survive the Friday deluge.


We counted 12 community yard sales this weekend, here are the highlights:

  • Shrewsbury area – Find deals along Cardinal, Clearview, Raypaula, Skyview and Westview drives. Friday and Saturday.
  • Aslan Heights – Off Greenbriar and Church Roads north of Route 30. Saturday only.
  • Little Creek Farms -- Off Bull Run, 2. 5 miles from Route 30. Friday and Saturday.
  • Jewel sales — Look for sales at Emerald, Opal, Topaz and (skipping the theme) Gabriel streets off Route 74 and then Brougher Road. Friday and Saturday.
  • Chestnut Valley development – At the corner of Board Road and Chestnut Street in Mount Wolf. Friday and Saturday.
  • Spring Meadows development – From Susquehanna Trail, turn on Stillmeadow Lane to Church Road. Friday and Saturday.
  • West York – Look for sales in the Philadelphia Street and Bannister Street area. Saturday only.
  • Old East York – Take the East Market Street exit off of 83 and then turn from there on to one of many streets including N. Vernon, Wallac, North Rockburn and Harlan. Friday and Saturday.
  • Colonial Gardens apartments – Start off at 2035 Patriot Street. Saturday only.
  • Red Lion area – Sales at Larking and Pauline Drive. Thursday through Saturday.
  • Cedar Ridge – On Gora Road off Greenbriar Road. Friday and Saturday.
  • Springwood development – No streets listed — not a smart move. Maybe you know where it is? If you do, go Friday or Saturday.

Well, if that’s not enough to keep you busy, we don’t know what is. OK, fine! Here’s a few more highlights!


  • Looking for some antique clocks? How about some watches. A sale at 2067 Mount Zion Road promises an abundance of timepieces. Thursday and Friday.
  • Music collectors will flock to the promise of more than 400 albums at a sale at 1161 Hollywood Terrace. Thursday and Friday.
  • Heading out to Lititz? A “gigantic” indoor scrapbooking sale is set for Friday and Saturday. Check it out at the Cozy Crop House (yeah, a scrapbooking store) at 31  W. Millport Road.
  • The promise of a lot of doll items, including a doll house, has us interested in a Stewartstown sale set for Friday and Saturday at 3602 Shangri-La Road.

For more on these yard sales as well as the complete list, check out The York Dispatch classifieds.


Yard Sale Secrets, in conjunction with The York Dispatch and the York Newspaper Co., now has a yard sale app for iPhone and Android phones. The app helps you locate all the yard sales advertised on MediaOnePa, which includes sites in York, Hanover, Chambersburg and Lebanon. Zip to the bottom of this page for a link to the app.


Yep, the Yard Sale Secrets has adopted Twitter. We might only use it sporadically, but we welcome you to join us. We especially hope to use it on Saturdays (and some Fridays) when we are out on the road. Join Yard Sale Secrets on Twitter now!


Got a question for us here at Yard Sale Secrets? Or, even better, a great tip on selling or buying? Then leave a comment for us and we’ll respond in an upcoming post. We love to hear from other yard sale fanatics!


If you’re hosting a yard sale this weekend, take some pictures of your event set up. We would love to see it. If you’re heading out to some sales, lets see some pictures of your loot! E-mail them to for inclusion in an upcoming Yard Sale Secrets post.

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