Best Bets for May 8-10

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The weekend weather looks a little dicey for yard sales with a chance of rain on Friday and Saturday. In Thursday’s newspaper, there was a quarter of page devoted to yard sales, so there’s plenty to choose from.


From our count, there were seven community yard sales listed. They are

  • Sage Hill Development -- Off Camp Betty Washington Road on Friday and Saturday.
  • Glades Auction Parking Lot -- Off Druck Valley Road. Saturday only.
  • Jefferson – With a “huge sale” highlighted at Starlite Drive. Friday and Saturday.
  • Woodmont Estates, Brandywine Crossings and Hearthridge – Take Susquehanna Trail North to Woodmont Drive in York. Saturday only.
  • Washington Square Development – Toward Hellam on 462 and on to Silver Spur Drive. Friday and Saturday.
  • Kennard-Dale High School – In the school parking lot in Fawn Grove. Saturday only.
  • Andover Neighborhood – Off Route 74, past Weigelstown Elementary School. Thursday, Friday and Saturday.


  • If you’re willing to drive out to the Hanover area, a McSherrystown sale at 2404 Centennial Drive is the “first time yard sale” with a “lifetime collection” of items including comics, LPs, books and collectibles.
  • A sale at 700 Ridgelyn Drive in Dallastown has jewelry, milk bottles, records and an old Victrola.
  • For the kids, 1270 Golden Way near Wisehaven in York has “tons of toys.”
  • And the girls out there might be interested in Barbies and Polly Pockets being sold at 517 Dakota Drive in Red Lion.
  • If you’re a cowboy or an outdoorsman, you can get suited up quite well at a sale at 373 Deer Road in Fawn Grove.

For more on these yard sales as well as the complete list, check out The York Dispatch classifieds.


Yard Sale Secrets, in conjunction with The York Dispatch and the York Newspaper Co., now has a yard sale app for iPhone and Android phones. The app helps you locate all the yard sales advertised on MediaOnePa, which includes sites in York, Hanover, Chambersburg and Lebanon. Zip to the bottom of this page for a link to the app.


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