Having a yard sale? Use this checklist

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Have a plan to stage your yard sale. Big, highly visible items go up front. Smaller items should be relegated to tables in the back.

Have a plan to stage your yard sale. Big, highly visible items go up front. Smaller items should be relegated to tables in the back.

If you’re planning a yard sale, then Yard Sale Secrets is your place to be. Here you’ll find a ton of great tips on how to sell for the most and buy for the least.

But on the day before the sale, sometimes you get too busy. Things are just too hectic for you’re own good.

With that in mind, here’s a checklist of things you need to do in those final hours.


__ Get change. $25 in ones, $30 in fives and $40 in tens should be enough. Coins as well if you price things below a dollar.
__ Cash drop. Something to store your cash in that’s away from where your customers will wander (like inside your house). Put the $20s you get here. Periodically add more cash.
___ Change box or fanny pack. Use this to make change for your customers. Keep only about $100 here. The rest goes in your security case.
___ Calculator. To add up multi-item purchases.
___ Notebook and pen. To keep track of what’s sold and who the money goes to.


___ Tables in place. Do this the night before. You can load them in the morning.
___ ‘WOW’ Items. Know what big items you have and plan to put them at the front of your sale to attract passersby.
___ Titles out. If you’re keeping items in box — such as a bunch of books or DVDs — are they displayed so their titles can be seen?
___ Clothes rack. Clothes will sell better if they have a department-store display. How can you hang up your clothes?
___ Table cloths. If you have something to cover up your ratty card tables, your sale will look much more appealing.
___ Like items. Sort through your sale items. Put like items together. When you put them on display, they’re presorted.


___ Clean up supplies. Get a bucket and fill it with cleaning supplies. While you wait for customers, work on cleaning the items for sale.
___ Extra price stickers. Have some available in case some fall off.
___ Bags and packing supplies. Get plastic bags, newspapers and other supplies to help wrap up purchases.
___ Electricity. Have a plugged in power cord available for people to try electrical devices.
___ Batteries. Go to your local dollar store and buy a few packages of batteries. Take out your good ones and put these in so people can try out battery powered devices.
___ Food and Drink. You can turn a huge profit by buying some sodas and bottled waters and doubling their price at your yard sale. Just put up a sign and throw them in an ice-filled cooler.


___ Music. Set up a stereo somewhere near the sale. It helps people relax.
___ Sign-making material. You might want to create a half-off sign or other such notices during your sale.
___ Friends. Have some friends or family stop by so you can have a moment or two to use the bathroom and get something to eat.
___ Seating. Not for your customers, for you!
___ Phone. But don’t spend your day on it. Your job is to sell. This is just for an emergency!

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