Trouble is brewing on ‘Storage Wars’

Posted by on December 12, 2012 in For buyers, FYI, Tips

According to the Washington Post, and several other sources, a lawsuit has been filed by Dave Hester, one of the stars on A&E’s “Storage Wars” series.

In the suit, Hester explains that a lot of the show is faked, and the producers go so far as to plant items in lockers and rig the bidding.

We were particularly amused by Hester’s claim about the episode where a stack of Elvis newspapers were found. He says they were planted in advance by the show’s producers. When we first saw the episode, we laughed at the assumption that all those newspapers could be sold for more than $10,000.

Likewise, we are always bothered by the show’s estimated sale prices on the recovered items — most are ridiculously inflated. Further, the show suggests that the wheeling and dealing of storage unit auctions is a get-rich-quick moneymaker, which like the yard sale scene, is more “miss” than “hit.”

Once again, the Yard Sale Secrets team wants to point you to the YouTube comments of Glendon007 as too he talks about rumors swirling around the “Storage Wars” franchise.

We know a lot of yard salers enjoy the “treasure hunt” aspect of the show and those like it, so we thought it was worth pointing the article out to you.

Glendon, who claims to have made a lot of money in the storage unit auction business, offers some interesting bits of information and insight based on his experience in the business.

(And just to clarify, we in no way endorse the purchase of Glendon’s books and infomercials. We don’t know much more about him than you do.)

(Also, he does swear quite a bit in this video, so it might not be “Safe for Work,” as they say.)


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