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Posted by on June 11, 2012 in Great Buys

This yard sale in Spring Garden Township gets the award for the most dramatic setup. The hosts wisely set up all their colorful toys in front and had tables leading shoppers down the driveway and into their garage.

We hit the yard sale circuit around 8 a.m. on Saturday (but we did make one stop on Friday) and found some interesting stuff in our three hours of shopping.  We noticed that the crowds were exceptionally light for the weekend. Was it the weather? Or were people attending graduation parties? Who knows, it just meant more cool things for us to take home.

This "new: bluebird box was one of a dozen or so being sold at a house in the East York area. The craftsman who created it said he built a few last year and they sold well so he kept on building them for this year's sale. Next to that is an amusing picture of a little boy who does what little boys do so well. It will be featured in our bathroom.

The faux fur Hollister coat cost $10. The Coach bag cost even less.

Though it was a little beat up, this CD tower now has a new role in our house -- as a night stand to hold our alarm clock and books. We got it at a Springettsbury Township sale that also had a ton of vintage toys.

This picture mostly contains Transformers, all of which we hope to resell to collectors on eBay. Also included in the picture is an Imaginext airplane, its pilot and a set of Batman window drapes.

Probably our best deal of the weekend was this huge lot of "Cars" brand toys. Notice there's two bags to the side that we didn't even empty out. It cost us just $20 for the whole set.

A few different toys in this photo. From left we have a "car launcher," which shoots out toy cars, a Hess truck in great condition and, lastly, a new style Lite Brite kit.

From top to bottom, we purchased some snazzy new shorts, a Tom & Jerry shirt and some more window treatments. The shorts go to the hubby, the shirt to the kid, and the window treatment to the kids' room.

Here's an odd combination -- a replica tin celebrating Log Cabin syrup's 100th anniversary and an ear thermometer. The tin will be a gift to a tin collector we know.

All these kids books were purchased for $1. Now we just have to get that kid to read all of them.

Like the kids books above, these Westerns cost a total of $1. We're not big fans of the genre, but we've been watching for some after a family friend put in a shopping request for them. Now we're hoping that "Max Brand" is the right kind of Western.


Tell us what your yard sale experiences were over the weekend. Did you buy or sell? How much did you make? What did you find. E-mail us of comment below and we will feature your comments on Wednesday.

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