Five great yard sale websites

Posted by on June 6, 2012 in Best bets, FYI

Blogger Earth Kitsch has a great ability to find cool vintage items at yard and estate sales.

While we know that is your absolute favorite source for yard sale tips, we figured we’d offer you a few other great sites for you to check out.

  • Yard Sale Queen – This great tips site offers a lot of useful information on selling and buying. Our favorite part is the section about weird items she’s come across in her years of buying. Our only complaint is that it doesn’t seem to be updated much.
  • Yard Sale Bloodbath -- A duo of  snarky yard sale shoppers gives us a look at good and bad buys in their trek through the Seattle yard sale scene. They find some crazy stuff.
  • Ranch Dressing with Earth Kitsch – This yard sale shopper has one goal — to completely stock her new ranch-style house with retro decor. You’ll be surprised at some of the cool stuff she finds!
  • Vintage Rescue Squad – Another junk-loving shopper, the Vintage Rescue Squad site chronicles one woman’s effort to find the best stuff she can at yard sales, flea markets and thrift stores.
  • Yard Sale Snoop – This blog features another Pinterest friendly collection of cool retro items that the writer finds while on the hunt through the wilds of Toronto.  We especially like this site because the writer likes to dig up old commercials on YouTube. Good stuff.
  • BONUS — Search “Yard Sale Tips” – Okay, maybe we’re cheating here, but this is a bonus entry anyway. You can get some great ideas by simply Googling “Yard Sale Tips.” That search brings up dozens of articles on what’s good, what’s bad and how to maximize your day at the sale. There’s definitely a lot of great advice out there.


Speaking of Pinterest, follow the Yard Sale Secrets board by going here!


Got some great yard sale tips? Want some advice on a particular yard sale topic? Leave a comment and we will get to work!


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