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Posted by on May 16, 2012 in FYI

It’s not often that you see the Yard Sale Secrets blog doing much self-promotion. All of the regular contributors to this little institution have had at least one yard sale since the debut of this blog. We mentioned those sales, yes, but only in passing.

That changes today though.

The Yard Sale Secrets team is proud to announce that we’ve assembled a group yard sale right here at our workplace, The York Dispatch at 205 N. George St. in York City.

The yard sale will feature six to eight sellers and run from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, May 19. Be sure to check out our ad in Thursday and Friday’s classified pages.

Since our tips are written by multiple people, don’t expect everyone to follow every list of tips we’ve put together. That being said, some of the non-contributing York Dispatch staff members have told us they’ve been researching our “Tips for Sellers” posts, so they might follow the rules better than we do.

This employee yard sale is the first for The York Dispatch, so we weren’t sure exactly how big we needed to make it or how much promotion we should do. It could be a total flop or it could be huge. We just aren’t sure Some of the early discussions included ideas of Bounce Houses, free web access, hot dogs on the grill, tours of the building and so on. All those ideas were put on hold though. We just want to test the waters first. If we do well this year, we might just go for broke next time.

You can plan your whole day around our sale and a visit to York’s downtown. The York YMCA is hosting a Bike in York event at Sovereign Bank Stadium, Central Market will be open, and you can check out the city’s museums and other retail operations while you’re visiting.



  1. Can I haggle over the price of my newspaper subscription? If not, it would be great if the paper actually arrived.

  2. Ha-ha! We sure wish it worked that way.

  3. Dibs on the lava lamps!


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