Well spent: A little time and a little cash

Posted by on April 30, 2012 in Best bets

Three cheers for this clever Burma Shave-style signage for a yard sale in Spring Grove. You can bet we'll use this picture again!

We only had a short span of time to hit yard sales last weekend, but some strategic planning meant we got to hit some great ones along the way.

For local yard sale fanatics like us, the big community sale at the Sherman Oaks development was a must. Still, we only had an hour to do it in, which is certainly not enough time. We hit it on Friday and as usual the streets were absolutely packed with shoppers.

Every piece of clothing in this picture was a name-brand piece. There are several shirts, short and pants in this group, which we got for about $30. Considering the sheer volume of merchandise, this was a great deal.

We got this vintage Fisher-Price train set for $1. It will be a gift for grandpa, who loves trains and kitschy antiques. We also picked up two baby friendly books for 50-cents each.

We wrote last week that we were buying hardshelled suitcases for a craft project. We came across another one for a buck. Why not? In front of the suitcase are two woodcraft ducks. We're going to repaint these 50-cent buys and resell them for lots more!

Yes, Christmas is a long time away, but at 50-cents, this will be perfect for our baby-sized Yard Sale Secrets team member!

We were wowed by the cool art in this Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer board game. We won't ever play the game, but the game board itself will make a spectacular and unique Christmas decoration.

We make plenty of crazy yard-sale buys, and this was one of them. This is a film slide viewer. Will we ever use this for its original purpose? Probably not, but it has a cool look to it and it will likely be a shelf knick-knack in the den. About the only chance we'll have to use it is if we run across a box of old slides. Hey, it could happen!

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