7 simple tips to prep for yard-sale shopping

Bringing along your own drinks and snacks can save you plenty of money better used on yard sale goodies. (Photo by Larry Kwan via Flickr.com)

If you’re new to the yard-saling habit, we’ve got a few tips for you as you head out the door.

And if you’re an old pro, maybe some of these ideas will be new to you!

  1. PRE-SHOP: Check out the classified advertisements from The York Dispatch and pick the top five or six yard sales you want to visit. Use these as your basic map for your yard sale route. Pick the closest yard sale as your starting point.
  2. MAP IT!: Check out a map or your GPS and figure out the best route between all your yard sales, always traveling to the next-closest yard sale. This will keep you from crisscrossing the county and wasting gas.
  3. REFRESHMENTS: Bring a bottle of water and an apple for everyone in the car. Taking it from your house is much cheaper than buying it at a sale, restaurant or gas station.
  4. FILL UP: Gas up your car the night before. Since you could be traveling all over the county, you don’t want to accidentally strand yourself because you couldn’t find a filling station.
  5. CASH IN: Yard sales always and only take cash. You want to have a decent amount of money with you, but don’t just get a $50 or $100 bill. Heck, even a $20 bill can be problematic. Get a good amount of $1, $5 and $10 bills instead because it will be easier for the yard sale host to make change.
  6. CHECK THE WEATHER: You’ll want to dress for the weather. If it’s been raining, wear shoes instead of sandals because the lawns you walk through will be soaked. On hotter days, apply sun screen since you’ll be out under the sun.
  7. HAUL IT: If you plan on hitting a sale at a development, consider bringing a wagon or cart along. That way you can load it up and avoid multiple trips back to your car.
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