To yard sales … and beyond

Posted by on April 16, 2012 in Great Buys

With spectacular weather and a few special events going on, it was a perfect Saturday for yard sales. Here are some of the items we managed to pick up.

These buckets and baskets came from a sale in the Haines Acres area. The woman selling them said she used them in a Vacation Bible School event a few years ago. We got all of them for 50 cents. We plan on using the sand pails for play and the baskets will serve as storage bins in the basement.

Our favorite buy of the day -- and the most expensive -- was this antique wheelbarrel. We plan on setting it out in the lawn with flowers planted in it. We didn't even dare to tell our husband how much we paid, but he can rest assured that he'll wonder every time he mows around it.

Going from left to right, we picked up few spidery Halloween decorations, next was a "Welcome" stone purchased at Re-Source York's open house, above that is a cute little copper spoon with a "Sanka" logo on it. Speaking of cute, we picked up a handful of collectible Smurf figurines for $2 each. Returning to the Halloween theme, our Jr. Yard Sale Secrets team member just had to have this witch-themed Barbie -- so much so that she was willing to shell out $8 for it. We just hope she remembers to brush and wash Barbie's hair.

This Wii game may be the older version of Just Dance, but we enjoyed the first enough to get number 2. It was only $5, which is about $15 to $20 less than what you pay at the used video game store.

The afforementioned Junior member of the Yard Sale Secrets team broke her scooter last year ... and shortly after she learned to ride her bike (yay!) ... but still missed scooting about the neighborhood. So, when she saw this a Manchester Township sale, she blew the rest of her cash on it. Now if we can just get her to wear her helmet and sneakers the next time she goes out! The scooter, by the way, was $10.

You probably think we're crazy for buying used suitcases ... especially ugly suitcases ... but we've got a plan for these. They cost us a dollar each from ReSource York. We plan on using them in a kid-friendly craft project. Even if we weren't going to use them that way, you can use old suitcases for under-the-bed and dust-bunny-free storage!

These colorful knickknacks cost us $1, which is a great deal. Since it was a set -- a good looking set -- we were willing to spend a little more!

More good deals came from ReSource York, including these brand-new brushes, scrapers, utility knife and door closer. The brushes were 50-cents each. The door closer was originally $24, and we got it for $12.

As we mentioned in a few of those photos, we made it a point this week to stop at a few extra places that offer yard sale-like deals.

First, we stopped at the Salvation Army, which was holding a 50 percent off sale. That’s 50 percent off their already super-low prices! As soon as we arrived in the parking lot we knew we were in trouble — the place was packed! They had even brought in a local radio station to do a live broadcast from inside. Inside, the cashiers had lines going to the back of the store. We glanced around saw some interesting items, but opted not to buy anything because the lines were so long.

Still, the Salvation Army is a great place to buy — especially furniture, household items and clothes.

After the Salvation Army, we hit about a half-dozen more sales and then moved on to ReSource York, which was having a big open house event. There are actually two stores for the nonprofit, and we went both.

At the Carlisle Avenue store, you can find furniture and household goods. At this store, most of the merchandise is in used, but good, condition. (That’s where we got the suitcases pictured above.) The store is laid out in a series of rooms, with each room dedicated to a different type of item — books, furniture, home goods, sale items and so on.

The big ReSource event was over at its new Ninth Avenue store, right next door to Central York’s old football field. The open-house event included snacks and prize giveaways, and we indulged in both. The Ninth Avenue store is entirely different from the Carlisle Avenue store. This one features new and used building supplies, and its a perfect place to pick up supplies for your weekend remodeling projects.

Nonprofit stores like these can be a goldmine for savvy shoppers. They offer some great deals if you’re willing to spend the time sorting through things. And when your weekend of yard sale shopping is put on hold because of rainy weather, they’re a great alternative.


How did you do this weekend at the yard sales? Tell us about your best deals in the comments below!

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