Well spent: A little time and a little cash

Three cheers for this clever Burma Shave-style signage for a yard sale in Spring Grove. You can bet we'll use this picture again!

We only had a short span of time to hit yard sales last weekend, but some strategic planning meant we got to hit some great ones along the way.

For local yard sale fanatics like us, the big community sale at the Sherman Oaks development was a must. Still, we only had an hour to do it in, which is certainly not enough time. We hit it on Friday and as usual the streets were absolutely packed with shoppers.

Every piece of clothing in this picture was a name-brand piece. There are several shirts, short and pants in this group, which we got for about $30. Considering the sheer volume of merchandise, this was a great deal.

We got this vintage Fisher-Price train set for $1. It will be a gift for grandpa, who loves trains and kitschy antiques. We also picked up two baby friendly books for 50-cents each.

We wrote last week that we were buying hardshelled suitcases for a craft project. We came across another one for a buck. Why not? In front of the suitcase are two woodcraft ducks. We're going to repaint these 50-cent buys and resell them for lots more!

Yes, Christmas is a long time away, but at 50-cents, this will be perfect for our baby-sized Yard Sale Secrets team member!

We were wowed by the cool art in this Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer board game. We won't ever play the game, but the game board itself will make a spectacular and unique Christmas decoration.

We make plenty of crazy yard-sale buys, and this was one of them. This is a film slide viewer. Will we ever use this for its original purpose? Probably not, but it has a cool look to it and it will likely be a shelf knick-knack in the den. About the only chance we'll have to use it is if we run across a box of old slides. Hey, it could happen!

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Best bets for April 27-28

The York Dispatch classifieds are filled with yard sale listings today, far more than this time last year. And that’s good news for all of us yard-salers.

The bad news is that it looks like a spotty weekend weather-wise.  Friday is clearly the best day of the two, with sunny skies but temperatures only in the low 60s. Saturday has rain in the forecast, but it sounds like it might come late.

So here are our best bets for this weekend:


(great for cold and/or rain)

  • Otterbein U.M. Church in Spry has a huge indoor yard sale Friday 8-6 and Saturday 8-1. Antiques, toys, furniture.


  • Central York High School on Mundis Mill Road is hosting the annual CYEA yard sale. Organizers boast the sale will be “bigger than ever!” More than 60 families on Saturday, 8-1 p.m.
  • In East Berlin, the “BIGGEST YARD SALE IN ADAMS COUNTY!” is Saturday from 8 to 2 at the East Berlin Community Center on North Avenue. It’s indoors and outdoors and says it will have hundreds of vendors.
  • The 200 block of South Fourth Street in Mount Wolf is the place for a sale that starts at 8 both Friday and Saturday.
  • Heritage Farm in New Freedom is having a community yard sale on Saturday from 8-2. Lots of stuff.
  • Yorkana Community yard sale is Friday and Saturday starting at 8 both days. Features breakfast and lunch at the fire hall Saturday.


  • The best ad this week boasts high-end cat furniture - new. Really, this private sale between Red Lion and East York on Saturday will feature “several pieces of the highly sought-after Feline Design cat furniture brand.” You have to call 610-620-3018 for your appointment. Really.
  • Second-best ad: Glen Rock Barn Sale. “Husband says ‘Get Rid of the Junque! Lots of it!”’ Friday and Saturday corner of Clearview and Walker.


There’s a lot more than just these. Don’t miss ALL the yard sale listings in the Dispatch classifieds.


Leave a comment or send an e-mail and let us know your great buys for the weekend. We’ll post them on Monday.

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7 tips to maximize your yard sale earnings


This yard sale was very tempting from the curb because it was obvious that there was a lot to look at thanks to multiple outdoor tables, big items and people milling about.

When you host a yard sale, there’s a few things you can do to make sure you bring the most for your items. Here are seven tips to do just that:

  1. BE ORGANIZED: In the days before your sale, map out the best locations for your items. Keep all the clothes on one table, all the tools on another and so on. The point is that you group all your like items together in hope that you’ll sell some of your lesser-quality items in a sort of buying frenzy.
  2. EVERYTHING INCLUDED: If you’re selling items that have multiple pieces to them — from two-piece baby outfits to toys with lots of accessories — figure out a way to keep them together. You can sell a cute onesie with matching pants as a set faster than you can as separates. Don’t trust that by setting matching items next to each other that they will stay there.  Instead, figure out a way to attach them to one another: putting them in a clear plastic bag, pinning them together or taping them.
  3. INSTRUCTIONS AND BOXES: If you’re the type to save the original box and instructions to an item you’re selling, then dig them up and attach them to your items. The “marketing” on the box and in the instruction manuals might help sell your products quicker, and for your asking price. Likewise, collectors will eagerly pay more for items that have their original packaging.
  4. HAVE LOTS OF CHANGE: Start your day out with lots of change on hand. Without the proper change, you might be tempted to give items away to avoid taking big bills.
  5. GET LOTS OF HELP: Don’t ever expect to run a yard sale on your own. Having help on the big day will keep the pressure off and keep you from making bad deals as you rush to help multiple customers at once.  … (And here’s our super-secret BONUS tip: When the yard sale starts to get slow, send one of your workers to the other side of the tables. Have them mill about and browse for a while. This gives passersby an impression that they might lose something good if they don’t get shopping! Believe us, this really works!)
  6. PRICE YOUR ITEMS: It takes a lot of time, but giving everything an individual price will keep you from making deals on the spot, and chances are if you enter into a haggle with a customer, your intial asking price won’t hold.
  7. GET SHOPPERS OUT OF THEIR CARS: Give your yard sale some curb appeal to keep people from doing a “drive-by.”  You want them out of their car and browsing through your sale. The best way to do his is to make sure big items, furniture, colorful items and logoed items are visible from the street.  Likewise, tables full of trinkets shouldn’t be hidden under a carport or in a garage, pull them out if the sun is shining. Make people ask “What is that?” and go for a closer look.
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Best bets for April 20-21

We’re back!

Just like last year, every Thursday our crack yard sale staff will pick your best bets among the weekend’s yard sales, as advertised in The York Dispatch. OK, true be told, some we learn of by word of mouth, as well.

This weekend looks like it could be a chilly one, with rain forecast for Saturday. But Friday looks lovely.  Check out the forecast here.

Here’s our recommendations based on the Dispatch classifieds:


The UCP Yard Sale is Friday from 8 am – 3 pm on Cherry Tree Court in Hanover (off Wilson Avenue). This one usually has a wide selection. A good choice.


2510 Admire Springs Drive, today through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Ad boasts collectibles, fishing rods, tools, and hundreds of indoor and outdoor items.


An estate sale in the Equine Meadows Community, at 261 Equine Cove, has china, crystal, figurines, jewelry AND free refreshments. Hours are 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. or until sold out.


A neighborhood yard sale is 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Friday and Saturday at Country Manor Estates, between New Salem and Stoverstown, featuring Mr. Peanut collectibles, furniture, crafts, holiday decor and new purses.



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7 simple tips to prep for yard-sale shopping

Bringing along your own drinks and snacks can save you plenty of money better used on yard sale goodies. (Photo by Larry Kwan via Flickr.com)

If you’re new to the yard-saling habit, we’ve got a few tips for you as you head out the door.

And if you’re an old pro, maybe some of these ideas will be new to you!

  1. PRE-SHOP: Check out the classified advertisements from The York Dispatch and pick the top five or six yard sales you want to visit. Use these as your basic map for your yard sale route. Pick the closest yard sale as your starting point.
  2. MAP IT!: Check out a map or your GPS and figure out the best route between all your yard sales, always traveling to the next-closest yard sale. This will keep you from crisscrossing the county and wasting gas.
  3. REFRESHMENTS: Bring a bottle of water and an apple for everyone in the car. Taking it from your house is much cheaper than buying it at a sale, restaurant or gas station.
  4. FILL UP: Gas up your car the night before. Since you could be traveling all over the county, you don’t want to accidentally strand yourself because you couldn’t find a filling station.
  5. CASH IN: Yard sales always and only take cash. You want to have a decent amount of money with you, but don’t just get a $50 or $100 bill. Heck, even a $20 bill can be problematic. Get a good amount of $1, $5 and $10 bills instead because it will be easier for the yard sale host to make change.
  6. CHECK THE WEATHER: You’ll want to dress for the weather. If it’s been raining, wear shoes instead of sandals because the lawns you walk through will be soaked. On hotter days, apply sun screen since you’ll be out under the sun.
  7. HAUL IT: If you plan on hitting a sale at a development, consider bringing a wagon or cart along. That way you can load it up and avoid multiple trips back to your car.
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