We almost made it

Saturday was going to be our first big yard sale experience of the year. A few advertisements in Friday’s paper intrigued us and by 8:00 Saturday morning, we were making our final preparations to head out the door.

In fact, the Yard Sale Secrets team was actually going out the door when the whole trip got called off.

At 7:00 that morning, the sky was dreary, but there was potential to go shopping.

At 7:30, the western sky had intensified its gray. It looked like trouble, but we were holding out hope.

At 8:00, it had started raining. Just a little bit at first.

But by 9:30 it hadn’t let up. The day was a wash.

Lucky for us, we did manage to go to one yard sale on Friday. We didn’t buy much, but it whet our appetites for a full-on yard sale season.

We already owned the first book in "A Series of Unfortunate Events," and at a yard sale on Friday we managed to pick up the next 10 for just a few bucks. When you use yard sales to fill in a collection like this, you can't be too picky about the quality. In this lot, we got some hardcovers and some softcovers. One or two of the books was a little beat up, but they were far less expensive than their full retail price.


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