If you sell it, they will come

Posted by on August 22, 2011 in Great Buys

Unlike the last few weeks, we made more than a half-hearted attempt at hitting the yard-sale circuit this weekend, and boy did we run into some great stuff.

The best time for us was the annual York Township Yard Sale held over at the township park off of South Queen Street. The event has really ballooned over the years and this year there were dozens of stands and hundreds of attendees. It took over an entire parking lot and part of a soccer field. The photo above is just one angle on the massive sale. It’s certainly proof that those community sales really draw in the customers.

Our biggest haul was from that sale, but we managed a few other stops before and after it. Here’s a run down of our “Great Buys” of the weekend.

These girl-sized shirts were just 50 cents each. A nice way to prep for back-to-school.

Comics were perfectly priced. All these were purchased for 25-cents to $1 each. The big "Essential Spider-Man" has more than 300 pages, so that's a great deal.

These iridescent shoes were just $1 and a perfect fit. The seller said they had only worn them once to a wedding.

This very retro Barbie van was free. Yep, f-r-e-e! That's the benefit of dragging a 7-year-old along with you to yard sales: People are always giving her things. We're wondering how well this will ride down the slide in our back yard.

These capri pants were $1 each. The middle tan one still had its tags on it.

If you look closely here, there's a yellow box. Inside that box is some Mary Kay perfume that normally sells for $30. We got it for $1. Next to it is a flash card set dedicated to U.S. presidents. All the rest are books: A cats-and-dogs jokebook and "Heathcliff," "Mother Goose & Grimm" and "Belvedere" cartoon collections. You can read "Belvedere" comics at Juniordispatch.com, by the way! Check 'em out!

Three nice shirts. 50-cents each. We got quite a deal there.

Some Christmas themed Weeble Wobbles are sure to entertain the baby. And then we have a cool robot and the X-Men's Beast. The whole lot cost us $1.75.

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