Make your yard sale rain-proof

You’re all ready to go with your yard sale. Everything’s priced. Your tables are out. The advertisement is in the paper.

And then you read the weather forecast: Rain. Not just a little sprinkle, but the meteorologist is making it sound like Noah’s Ark will be floating down the street.

What do you do? We offer some no-nonsense tips on walking between the raindrops:

  • PREPARE: Always make a plan for rain to hit your yard sale. It’s OK to set up as if you aren’t expecting rain, but keep in mind that it could rain and think about what you will do if the heavens suddenly open up.
  • COVERS: Have a tarp available nearby to cover your merchandise. Make sure to have a few rocks or bricks available to weigh it down.
  • BAG IT: Put especially delicate merchandise inside a clear, sealing sandwich bag. There are enough sizes that you can bag practically any item. The downside of this is that it may hamper shoppers’ ability to look at your stuff. It also costs a bit more — you definitely don’t want to buy top-of-the-line Ziplock brand for this.
  • ESCAPE ROUTE: If you have to evacuate your merchandise quickly, figure out where everything will go. Put the most rain-sensitive items closest to your evacuation point. When we set up our sales, we always keep our electronics, books, paper and cardboard items (such as board games) close to the porch.
  • LEAVE IT: Some items are impervious to the rain, so just let them get rained on. You should wipe them down after the storm though. Make sure to shake all the water out so it doesn’t accidentally douse a customer.
  • TREES: Set your yard sale up under some tree cover. At least this will provide you some temporary protection from rain and give you time to shuttle your best items to safety.
  • PRE-BUILT SHELTER: You can set up those pop-up shade tents or have your sale inside a garage if either are available.
  • RAIN DATE: Make sure to set up a rain date if you possibly can. Add that to your advertisements if rain suddenly pops up in the forecast.


With all this talk of rain, guess what’s in store for this weekend’s yard-salers: Rain! Just isolated thunderstorms on Friday and sprinkles early Saturday. Be prepared!!!

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