Even the heat can’t stop us from shopping

Posted by on July 25, 2011 in Great Buys

It’s been a while since we bragged about our weekend yard sale hauls. We apologize for that. Some of us have been on vacation, and then there’s this horrible heat wave we’ve been suffering through.

During the worst of it, we felt really bad for people who set up shop. Trying to be cheerful during the “Pa. Broil” was rough enough, but the very act of setting up tables, creating shade in any way possible, lugging merchandise around and just simply waiting for customers in the 100-plus-degree heat was a feat in itself.

For shoppers, it was equally rough. Getting in and out of the car. Walking neighborhood sales. Strapping merchandise to the roof.

In fact the heat actually ruined one of our purchases. On a trip to Morningstar Market’s “upper tier parking lot,” which is almost exclusively yard-sale-type merchandise, we bought a record from 1974. It looked just fine when we bought it, but by the time we got home all its sound-making grooves had melted away.

Anyway, here’s a look at our buys over the last few weeks:

We're not sure how this glow-in-the-dark stepping stone will look. Creepy or cool? Anyway, we got it still in the package for $2.

This little end-table/storage box look nice enough here, but check it out in the next picture for what it really does.

The box, which we bought for $10, expands into a handy storage unit. Originally, it was designed to hold sewing supplies. The only problem: We have to reattach a leg that came loose during transport home.

Among other things, we picked up this nice picture from for $2 from a Springettsbury Township sale.

These little beauties were 50-cents each at an estate sale a few weeks back. The horse is actually a very small planter, we just liked the colors on it. The eagle is a metal plaque.

So how did your sale go this weekend? Did the heat keep people away or were they burning up but buying? Leave a comment below and let us know!



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