Finding the holy grail

At the beginning of the yard sale season, certain members of the Yard Sale Secrets team were proud parents of a brand new baby. Since it was seven years since their first child, they had gotten rid of most of their baby items, and certain things were immediately missed: a Boppy, clothes for the various seasons that matched the little one’s age and baby bottles.

It didn’t take too long for us to get those, but still one thing remained to be found. For the last kid, they had a play gym they called a “Kick and Play.” Initially, they searched eBay and Toys R Us for a new Kick and Play, but couldn’t find a duplicate of their original toy.

So they decided: If there’s one thing we must get by the end of the yard sale season, it’s the kick and play.

Well, last weekend they found it.

“I pulled up my van and parked,” the team member said. “I was going to a sale on one side of the street and glanced up the road and there it was. I jumped out and ran to that sale first. It was the exact model I was looking for. I got it for $2 and told the lady how long I had been looking for this.”

So, yes, it’s official. We have found our Holy Grail. We no longer need to buy another thing at a yard sale this year. We can rededicate ourselves to gardening, keeping the house clean and taking the kids roller skating on Saturdays.

Yeah, right! There’s lots more to be found. We’ll be back at it in no time!

Aside from the much-celebrated Kick and Play, we picked up:

  • A half-dozen new-to-us CDs as people continue to shed there collection of bulky media items in favor of all digital formats. This week we managed albums by Liz Allen, Shawn Colvin, Michael Jackson, Metallica and  Megadeth and soundtracks from “Juno” and “Twin Peaks: Fire Walks With Her.” …. Say what? Metallica and Megadeth? Hey, just because we do the “yard sale thing” doesn’t mean we don’t like to rock.
  • The team is still stocking up on baby clothes. Yes, more and more and more baby clothes. These babies could wear a new outfit every hour and not run out until August.
  • Babies don’t just wear clothes all day. They also like to play, and we picked up a few toys for them as well.
  • The action-figure collector on the staff snapped up a 1990 action figure case featuring the DC Superheroes.


Silly us, we totally forgot to mention the Book Nook Bonanza in last week’s Best Bets listing. Let’s face it, that’s essentially a gigantic yard sale dedicated to books.

We stopped in Friday night and (as usual) we were shocked by the crowds and pleased as punch with the deals.

There we managed to get all the books pictured below for just $17. 50.  We actually had $22.50 worth of books picked out, but we over-estimated the cash we had in our wallet.

We’ll come back and pick those up next year, Book Nook!



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