Is this a good weekend for yard sales?

Memorial Day weekend marks the start of the summer season. Beaches are ready for the onslaught and folks are opening their pools – so does that mean this is a good weekend or a bad weekend to hold a yard sale?

Well, that depends. One yard-saler here at the Dispatch swears it’s never a good idea to hold a yard sale on a holiday weekend. So that means Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day are out. Why?

She said she thinks people are too busy doing other things. There are cookouts and family gatherings. That is if people are even in town. Memorial Day weekend is a big getaway weekend. And she would never hold her own yard sale this weekend.

Another yard-saler says hooey to that. People holding gatherings or cookouts aren’t doing those things in the morning, and a three-day weekend is very nice for the weary yard-sale holder: It gives you an extra day to recuperate before heading back to work.

What do you think? Yeah or nay to Memorial Day yard sales? Drop us a line.

We’re pretty sure lots of folks will be holding yard sales this weekend, so check back tomorrow for our Best Bets.


If you are staying in town this weekend, get ready for summer-like weather. Humid, highs in the upper 80s and a chance of thunderstorms are forecast. Best chance of rain is Friday.

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