Gray skies? No big deal for yard sale fanatics

The rain stayed away long enough on Friday and Saturday for some amazing yard sale opportunities. We’re fine with cloudy and gray, just keep the rain away so people don’t close up early.

In the above image, cars swarm a Spring Grove neighborhood yard sale. Wouldn’t it be nice if developers¬† started designing their roadways with yard sale season in mind?


With the weather holding out, a few Yard Sale Secrets staffers were out on the hunt for great deals. Here’s just a few of the highlights:

  • Randy and his wife filled up their trunk with some good buys, including this cute ottoman and a variety of flowerpots.¬† Randy reports that he eventually had to unload his trunk twice during his Saturday excursions.
  • Speaking of ottomans, John snapped up a still-in-the-box ottoman for just $10. It’s one of those that doubles as a storage bin. He likes that because it gives him more places to put his yard sale deals.
  • We also picked up a few toys for the kids: A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, still in its package, for $1. And an angelic Barbie, also in her original factory package, for $2, though his daughter had Barbie out of her package in 10 minutes. In fact, those particular items were from a CVS Pharmacy liquidation, since they all carried the company’s price tags. Just like what people do on eBay, this is a pretty common practice in the yard sale and flea market circuit. People will make a deal on unsold or returned mechandise, essentially saying “I’ll take all this stuff off your hands for X dollars,” and then they turn around and stock their flea market tables with the merchandise.
  • Here and there, John picked up a few comics. He bought the three below for just $1. If you’re selling comics or any “media” item, such as CDs and DVDs, check out our pricing guide here.


The American Association of University Women had a great idea for their Trunks to Treasures yard sale. Instead of hosting their event in an actual yard, they opened up an empty retail shop on Cinema Drive. It was a great idea, and with all the empty storefronts in the county, it makes you wonder how much a landlord would charge for a weekend rental.


Tell us about your great finds from this weekend’s yard sales in the comments below. We’re always eager to hear about a good deal.

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