Despite rain, a good weekend haul

Dispatch staffer Teresa Hoover, a seasoned yard sale veteran, took to the yards and garages of York on Friday and brought home quite a haul.

Here’s her rundown:

The multi-family garage sale on Westwind Lane in Manchester Township (one of our best bets from last week) was chock full of goodies for everyone. Two garage bays had food and toiletries galore – from canned goods to beauty products to baby lotion. All unopened and much cheaper than in stores.

Teresa “went nuts” there, filling two milk crates full of stuff. She got envelopes (50 cents a box), Easter candy (25 cents each), toothbrushes ($1 for Oral B), canned foods (50 cents each) and – her best find – a 50-count bottle of Advil for buck! A close second to her best find was a big bottle of Crest ProHealth for $3.

One yard at the same sale had lots of children’s clothing, neatly arranged by size (a plus!) and name brand, games, household items and knick knacks. Teresa bought teen clothing – Hollister and Aeropostale – for $1 a shirt. Can’t beat that!

Let us know what you found this weekend at yard sales. Send us a comment.

Saturday, of course, made yard sales a washout. But by Sunday morning, some folks might have found new items in their yards they didn’t have before.

Here’s looking forward to this weekend’s yard sales. Guess what…rain is in the forecast again.

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